How it Works...

  • Select From Over 300 Unfinished Pottery Pieces 

  • Choose Your Colors And Paint Your Design (If You Run Out Of Time, You Can Always Place Your Unfinished Pottery In Our "In Progress" Area.)

  • Leave Your Artwork With Us And We Will Glaze It And Fire It 

  • 3-5 Days Later...You Can Pick Up Your Masterpiece!!!

With the best staff in town, we are here to help you get started and will assist you during the whole process with color selection, design ideas and we are always willing to share with you a variety of painting techniques! AND We will always help with getting your little ones "hands and feet prints" too!!!

We also offer custom painting and writing. See Impressions & Custom work for more information. 


In an effort to minimize contact and adhere to the Social distancing, two weeks ago we closed the studio and created “Pottery to Go” boxes. They have been a huge success! However one week ago we had to close completely in an effort to help further minimize social contact. Since then we have been working on how to best serve our customers during this very stressful time without compromising anyone’s safety and potential exposure.  So we have added to our website a pottery store where you can shop for your pottery, chose your paint colors and check out a “Pottery to Go” Supply Box. It is that easy!! 

Being creative and doing art is a great stress reliever. Pottery to Go is  also a perfect way to add art to your new homeschooling curriculum, have a family paint night and

 relax while you hang out with your peeps!!


We will be open for

Pottery to Go, Pick ups and drop offs

Tuesdays    11-3PM

 Fridays       11-3PM

"Pottery to Go" Boxes




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