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Hands to Art

Hope Foundation 

Non-profit: 501(c)(3)#81-4663551

Mission Statement:  


Hands to Art Hope Foundation is dedicated to offering a helping hand to women and children in Kootenai County touched by cancer.

Our Focus:

Hands to Art has had an active role in the fight against breast cancer in Kootenai County since 2005. The first 16 years we partnered with Reach to Recovery by fundraising and offering financial resources to women battling breast cancer. In 2016, with Reach to Recovery's blessing, we were given the opportunity to create a new non-profit organization that would continue to support women with breast cancer and expand support to women & children with all cancers.We want to support families in this critical time and help unload some of the burden by offering:

  • Grocery Gift Certificates

  • Fuel Gift Certificates

  • Help with child-care cost

  • Prosthesis/bras/wigs, etc...

  • Offer a family fun day or activity

  • Offer a massage or pampered spa day

  • The needs can be limitless....

If you have any questions or know someone in need, please contact us at:

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